Free Quotations

There are 3 ways we can give you a free quotation for your move (we strongly recommend you do not get "rough estimates" for your move from ourselves or other companies as they are pretty meaningless unless we know what the move actually entails, and certainly are no good for comparing prices between different firms):-

  Method 1 - a survey visit
Details We visit your property to do a quote - recommended for larger properties - perhaps not available during COVID
Action needed Call us on 01256 325444 to arrange a time for us to visit you
Pros & Cons It is more thorough and personal but will take longer to get your quote
  Method 2 - an online quote
Detalis You fill out our online quote form - recommended for smaller properties
Action needed click here
Pros & Cons It is quick but relies on you filling the form out properly with what needs moving etc.
  Method 3 - a phone quote
Details We can give you a quote over the phone - recommended if there are just a few items to be moved
Action needed Call us on 01256 325444 to tell us what needs moving & where to
Pros & Cons It is quick (if we are in to answer the phone) as long as there are just a few items

Contact us

01256 325444

59 Reading Road


Basingstoke  RG24 8LT

Our business hours

Monday - Saturday09:00 - 18:00
Outside our business hours you can sometimes contact us by phone. Please call before visiting us to make sure someone will be here when you visit.

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